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Last Call For Pumpkin Beer!
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 17 November 2014 19:14

Last call for pumpkin beers!

I know, it feels like just yesterday that we were elbow-deep in our jack-o-lanterns gearing up for a festive start to fall. Like it or not, the season is flying by--the turkey is brining, the pumpkins are long-since-smashed, and the leaves on our trees are browned and falling (ah, who am I kidding, this is California...the palm trees are doing fine). At the same time, our price list is starting to fill up with the bold and boozy beers of winter. Christmas beers and winter barleywines abound, and the fresh hopped harvest ales, festbiers, and their ilk are on their way out. So here it is: your last call for pumpkin beers. We've got just a few left now, and you won't want to have Thanksgiving dinner without these seasonal treats.

Available now:


Renaissance Great Punkin
Medium bodied and gently sweet, this beer focuses on caramelized malts, roasted pumpkin flavor, and just the right amount of warming spices. It's toasty and drinkable stuff with upwards of 7% ABV to keep you warm as the temperature drops.
Now available in 500ml bottles.
89 on RateBeer!

Cambridge Great Pumpkin
At 4.4% ABV, Cambridge's Great Pumpkin offers everything you'd want from a pumpkin beer in an eminently sessionable package. It's got that cinnamon/nutmeg/allspice/clove thing going on with just enough sweetness to read "pumpkin pie" without cloying. A balanced take on a fall classic.
Now available in 22oz bottles.
90 on RateBeer!

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela
For those that aren't so into that kind of stuff--fear not! There is still gourd-derived satisfaction to be had! Jolly Pumpkin released a pumpkin beer just for you. Their La Parcela is a delightful break from the caramelly spiced amber beers so associated with that big orange squash. It's dry and sour, noticeably focused on earthy and tart yeast character amidst bright citrus, cocoa, and (a touch of) spiced flavor.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 20L kegs.
99 on RateBeer!
Re-Up on Anchorage!
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 03 November 2014 17:29


Anchorage Brewing Company. You know 'em, you love 'em.

And now, once again, you can drink 'em. We've re-upped on a whole bunch of Anchorage beers, including a brand spankin' new batch of (Mike's favorite) The Tide And Its Takers. Gabe Fletcher and his brewin' gang are making better and better beer with every batch--these beers are modern classics!

Now available:


The Tide & Its Takers
A hoppy tripel brewed with Sorachi Ace and Styrian Goldings hops and aged in French Chardonnay barrels. Wildly delicious stuff. Tart, doughy, fruity and dry. Great now, differently great in 6 months.
100 on RateBeer!

Arctic Saison
A stunning collaboration saison made with Vermont's Grassroots Brewing. Tart and zingy with a dry, Bretty finish. Perfection.
99 on RateBeer!

Calabaza Boreal
Brewed at Anchorage with Jolly Pumpkin's Ron Jeffries, this is part two of a trans-continental collaboration. Made with Mosaic and Galaxy hops. Bracingly sour, firmly bitter, and boldly citrusy.
97 on RateBeer!

Galaxy IPA
A white IPA brewed with Galaxy hops, peppercorns, kumquats, and coriander before fermenting in oak vats with wit yeast and Brettanomyces. Bitter, dry, and phenolic, this is a punchy and satisfying drink.
99 on RateBeer!

Whiteout Wit
A modern riff on the Belgian witbier style, brewed with black pepper, lemon peel, and coriander and aged in Chardonnay barrels with Brettanomyces. A whole bunch o' flavors, beautifully united.
100 on RateBeer!
The Prospects are Grimm
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 27 October 2014 01:17


The prospects are Grimm.

The beers, however, are great. I'm talking about Grimm Artisanal Ales, the latest producer to come to us through our friends at Shelton Brothers. They're a new, husband-wife brewing operation based in Brooklyn that has earned quick fans amongst those that appreciate quality beers, handsome labels, and the occasional Nicki Minaj reference.

We just received our first load from these self-described "nomadic brewers," and are excited to bring two of their beers to California for the very first time.


Now available in 22oz bottles:


Orgone Accumulator

A dry, super-refreshing saison brewed with orange zest and juice. Spritzy, fluffy, lightly bitter, and oh-so-crushable.


Bees with a Buzz

Aged in brandy barrels, Bees with a Buzz is the fancy older brother of Grimm's Bees in the Trappe. The base beer is a bière de miel brewed with clover honey and Trappist ale yeast, the flavors of each complemented by the oaky vanilla and nuttiness imparted by the brandy barrel.

Nat en Straf!
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 13 October 2014 16:45



De Dolle Brouwers is an odd little brewery. They make unclassifiable beers with goofy, cartoonish labels, often attached just slightly off-kilter. Their name translates to "the mad brewers," and they have a hardcore international following despite pretty tiny production numbers. Their case boxes arrive like little gifts to their purchasers, adorned with a bright red printed bow. They make some of the most intriguing and unexpected beers in the world, and they do it with a sense of humor and joy--you can't help but love them.
De Dolle's two year-round beers are in stock now.

Now available in 330ml bottles:

Oerbier was the first beer created by De Dolle, released for the first time in 1980. It has evolved quite a bit over the years, but remains a perplexing and unendingly delicious beverage. It's potent stuff at 9% ABV, a strength that necessitates a warning on the label: "NAT EN STRAF," or "wet and strong." Fresh, it's full of ripe fruit character--berry and stonefruit-esque flavors abound with a gentle finishing lactic tartness that provides balance. With a few years of aging, the beer dries out a bit, and the tartness comes forward. At any point in its life cycle, it's beautiful stuff--a cult beer worthy of its reputation.
99 on RateBeer!


Arabier is a bit leaner; it's a beer defined by lively carbonation, a biting hop bitterness, and a dry, aggressive yeastiness. It's sort of a Belgian pale ale, but calling it such sells it short. It's doughy, grassy, softly tart, and ages gracefully. At 7.8% ABV, it's strong but super refreshing.
97 on RateBeer!
AEppelTreow: Tough to Pronounce, Easy to Love
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 06 October 2014 17:00


AEppelTreow: Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Love

Okay, so it only looks hard to pronounce. Old English is pretty scary. Say it with me: "apple true." See? No big deal.
With that out of the way, let's say this: AEppelTreow Winery makes some damn fine ciders. The Wisconsin-based cidermaker always impresses us with their takes on classic French country ciders and their less-traditional experiments. They have a talent for creating drinks of depth and subtlety using heirloom cider apples, perry pears and a skillful hand.

We recently received a load of AEppelTreow's fine ciders, including a very limited number of kegs! We're pretty excited about that.

Now available:

Appely Doux
Tart, sweet, herbal, and spicy. A delicious sipper inspired by French country ciders.
Now available in 750ml bottles.
97 on RateBeer!

Appely Brut
An homage to the earthy and tannic ciders of France, Appely Brut is off-dry, balanced, and beautifully floral.
Now available in 750ml bottles.
96 on RateBeer!

Blackbird Berry-Apple Cider
A delightful cider tinged with the sharp and earthy flavors of black currant and elderberry.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Barn Swallow
A simple and delicious cider built for drinkability. Session a few, will ya?
Now available in 5 gallon kegs.
90 on RateBeer!

Orchard Oriole Perry
A dry and biting pear cider with zesty, almost tropical flavors. Wonderful stuff.
Now available in 5 gallon kegs.

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