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Product Feature: Jackie O's Babbling Brook
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 22 January 2018 21:03

Product Feature:
Jackie O's Babbling Brook

Jackie O's makes beers with nuance. Whether you're holding a snifter of one of their spectacular imperial stouts or a pint of their excellent Gose, you can expect a beautifully made beer with layers of depth that will continue to reveal themselves to you the longer you sip your drink. This quality is perhaps most evident in their vast array of barrel-aged mixed culture sour ales, which showcase a huge range of character from the base beers, the organisms that ferment them, and the wooden vessels in which the beers are aged. 

Babbling Brook exemplifies the brewery's skill within the style--it's a beautiful mixed fermentation saison built to mimic the vinous minerality found in Chablis and well-made cider. It's dry and tart, but a six-month stint in Vin Santo dessert wine barrels brings a bit of richness to the table. It's a crisp, drinkable delight, with citrusy, vinous aromatics and a subtle complementary oakiness that ties everything together nicely. It's brilliant stuff, and it's available now in 500ml bottles. 

More special stuff from Jackie O's:

Ties That Bind - 12x500ml
Ties that Bind is a stunning wine barrel fermented pale sour ale that sat on its yeast in barrel for two years, developing a richness and sourness that can only be produced by time. Complex, one-of-a-kind stuff.

White Knobs, Black Diamonds - 12x500ml
White Knobs Black Diamonds is a California exclusive sour ale blend inspired by the dark sour ales of Flanders. It's made up of oak-aged sour red and brown ales blended with mixed fermentation saison. A once-in-a-lifetime blend!

Also available from Jackie O's:
Hockhocking 12x500ml
Off the Beaten Path ONE 12x500ml
Off the Beaten Path TWO 12x500ml
Oro Negro 12x375ml
Scrip 12x500ml
Three New Ciders from Wildcraft
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 22 January 2018 20:59

Three New Ciders from WildCraft

WildCraft's ciders are as inventive as nature itself, made from the bounty produced by the land in and around Eugene, Oregon. With every new release, the cidery manages to capture a specific place and time in delicious, liquid form.

That might mean that we get to taste wild plums, aromatic botanicals, and flowers, or it might mean that the cidermakers have managed to get their hands on traditional cider apples planted by farmers generations ago.

Our newest load of ciders from WildCraft has a little bit of all of the above, sometimes in the same bottle. We've received three new ciders this time around, and each is sure to bring you all kinds of delight. Check 'em out!

Now available:

Aronia Berry Sour
Aronia berries (aka chokeberries) are tart, tannic little things that bring loads of texture and flavor to this new release from WildCraft. The berries are freeze-pressed along with pears to create a bold fruit wine that is blended with a lacto-fermented cider base to create Aronia Berry Sour. Bracing and deeply red, with big berry aromatics.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Farmhouse Batch 0011
The eleventh release from WildCraft's ongoing Farmhouse series is an intriguing one, made entirely from classic settler apple varieties from around the cidery. The cidermakers use exclusively Lane and Linn county apples to produce this dry heritage cider with complex aromatics and loads of character.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Willamette Heritage
Willamette Heritage is the newest release from WildCraft's Cellar Reserve series. It's what the cidery calls a "Western Farmhouse" cider, so named for the provenance of its apples, which come from the abandoned cider orchards that dot the Willamette region. A traditional, wild-fermented cider worth seeking out.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Also available from Wildcraft:

Elderberry Perry 12x750ml
An intense, elegant perry made from Bartlett pears and whole-fermented foraged elderberries. Vinous, full-bodied, and juicy.

Flagship Hard Cider 12x500ml
Wildcraft's simply named "Hard Cider" is a wonderful expression of everything they do well. It's made from locally-grown Oregon apples, fermented with native yeast to full dryness. It has incredible complexity but remains totally crushable, thanks to its impressive balance. A total delight.

Oak-Aged Kiwi 12x500ml
Over 900 pounds of kiwis go into this cider, which spends four months aging in oak developing a dry, grippy tannin profile. Tropical kiwi aromatics are neatly wed to the funky fermentation-born aromatics and appley base. Intriguing, tasty stuff!

Pioneer Perry 12x500ml
This is a perry made up of a mix of both wild and cultivated pears to create a drink that is off-dry and rich with huge aromatics, but remains drinkable and satisfying.

Stone Fence 12x500ml
Stone Fence is an imperial cider weighing in at a beefy 8.4% ABV. It's aged in rum barrels with a dash of pink peppercorn, which imparts a fruity spiciness to the finish of this powerful, complex cider.

Wild Mirabelle Plum 12x500ml
Made with Oregon-grown biodynamic French Mirabelle plums, fermented whole and pressed to create a rich plum wine that is blended back into a base of tart Gravenstein-heavy cider.

Wild Rose 12x500ml
Wild Rose is a truly unusual cider made with whole foraged wild roses, cold-infused into a base of ultra-complex, blended, wild fermented cider. Fresh, floral, and bright with huge aromatics.

Witches Brew 12x500ml
Witches Brew is an incredible cider made from 7 apple varieties and a special blend of 7 botanical wines. It's beguiling, spicy, tart, and herbaceous stuff. Intense!
Product Feature: Toppling Goliath Dorothy's New World Lager
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 15 January 2018 17:09

Product Feature:
Toppling Goliath Dorothy's New World Lager

There are few images in beer more classic than that of a tall mug of lager, with its frothy head just starting to tip over the edge of the glass. But more than just an iconic image, the slightly-overfull glass represents beer drinking in its purest form. It represents the satisfying glass of beer that serves as a reward for a day's work well done. It represents jovial moments with friends at the pub.

Of course, it does not represent the serious, thoughtful sipping generally associated with the craft beer movement. But that doesn't mean that this element of beer culture is completely detached from craft beer. No, it turns out that brewers and drinkers alike see the value in a satisfying glass of lager, so why not drink one that is well-made and delicious, but still affordable? Craft breweries are realizing that the demand for a well-crafted lager is out there, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have lagers of character and depth available for our daily drinking.

Toppling Goliath's Dorothy's New World Lager is one of these beers that we keep finding in our glass and it's proof that Toppling Goliath is more than just brilliant hop-forward pale ales and IPAs. It is an impeccably balanced California Common with a solid maltiness, a soft hoppiness, and a smooth, rich texture. Expect grainy malt character, earthy hop aromatics, and a clean, snappy finish. It's a perfect everyday beer that is compatible with a wide range of foods and represents a perfect way to cap a work day. Golden, hazy, and deeply satisfying.

Now available in 16oz cans
Spectacular Beers from Upright
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 15 January 2018 17:07

Spectacular Beers from Upright

By now you've likely heard us make the claim that Upright is one of the most underrated breweries on the planet. That claim has never been more true than it is today.

From the basement of an unassuming office building in central Portland, Oregon, Alex Ganum and his crew produce truly inventive, truly delicious beers that we are proud to have in our portfolio.

Upright's offerings have always impressed us, from their long-standing group of flagships, Four, Five, Six, and Seven, to their always surprising, always amazing special releases. As time has passed, Upright has grown and evolved, maintaining their status as one of the most exciting breweries in the Pacific Northwest.

And while our beloved "numbers" may be gone, Upright has replaced them with beers that are just as worthy of a place in your glass. Saison Vert and Supercool are incredible beers, and their special releases have only gotten more ambitious and exciting.

I don't know that we've ever had as many of these special, unique products in stock at one time as we do now. Trust us, you do not want to miss these.

Now available:

Fatali Four
Fatali Four is a barrel-aged riff on the brewery's now-discontinued classic, Four. This version takes the wheat saison base and complements it with the tropical flavor and heat of the Fatali pepper. The wine barrel aging allows the beer to develop a somewhat tangy, acidic finish, resulting in a flavor packed beer with acid, heat, and explosive aroma working together in harmony.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Ives ONE
The Ives series is one we've been eagerly anticipating. It's a series of lambic-inspired beers, each made with raw wheat and turbid mashing procedures. This first release was aged in barrel for 19 months and was bottled still (uncarbonated) and straight (no young beer blended in). It's an ultra-complex, slightly-oxidative, gently-sour beer that is not totally dissimilar in flavor profile from a fine vermouth. Just four barrels produced.
Now available in 375ml bottles.

Ives TWO
Ives TWO is taken in a completely different direction. This bottling is sparkling and bottled in 750ml bottles with 2 year old, 1 year old, and fresh beer blended to create a brighter effect. This brightness is amplified by juicy aromatics from a portion of the blend which is aged on nectarines. Funky, lively, fun.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Pathways Saison
Pathways is an unusual mixed-fermentation saison, each release the result of the blending of different barrels. This release has a gentle acidity, herbaceous hop character, and earthy and fruity yeast character working in concert. Oak and Brett for days!
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Red Flannel IPA
Red Flannel is an IPA built for winter drinking, with a robust, caramelly, and rich malt character supporting what the brewery describes as "old school" straightforward hopping. Upright's signature house yeast provides floral aromatics in the background. A satisfying winter IPA!
Now available in 1/6bbl Pub Kegs.

Saison Bruge
Saison Bruge is also built for winter drinking--a cold-weather take on the normally-bright saison style. This variant is made with chocolatey dark malts and cacao nibs from Meridian Cacao. Fruity and spicy with a creamy, lush mouthfeel.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Saison Vert
Saison Vert is a beautiful saison brewed with wheat and black limes. It has impressive complexity for a 4.75% ABV brew, with zesty hop and citrus aromas in droves. As the beer ages, the black lime flavor really pops and a dry, minerally finish is rounded out with a more developed acidity. Absolutely delicious fresh or aged.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Supercool is modeled after the American IPA style, but it has so much more going on than that would imply. It features the punchy hoppiness of Chinook, Cascade, Crystal, Exp. 7270 and 331 hops, with lemony, woodsy, pine-like aromatics over a rustic, earthy base. The beer is fermented with saison yeast at cooler temperatures, offering a soft yeasty character that does not play as prominent a role as in other Upright beers. It is a beer of incredible complexity that you are sure to enjoy exploring. A total delight.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Three Point Pils
You don't need to be a Blazers fan to appreciate Upright's newest session beer, Three Point Pils. In their words, it's "light enough to enjoy throughout an entire game," and we're inclined to agree. It's just 3% ABV, but packs loads of character from spicy European hops and traditional Czech brewing methods. You'll be reaching for your next glass before you can say "na zdraví!"
Now available in 1/6bbl Pub Kegs.
Er Boquerón: We can't Tell You What Vice Magazine Wrote About This Beer
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 15 January 2018 17:03

Er Boquerón: We can't Tell You What Vice Magazine Wrote About This Beer

Although the URL of the following link to the Vice article that established Er Boquerón's cult status in the U.S. might give away one of the remarkable statements that author Charlie Norton makes regarding Er Boquerón, the FDA forbids us from making any such claims ourselves:

We are, however, permitted to agree with Mr. Norton that this Spanish export is "a great craft beer," and mention that (as he so pithily puts it) "it's been awarded two gold stars for exceptional taste by the blindfolded, tooth-extracting standards of Europe's top chefs and sommeliers at the International Taste & Quality Institute," any health benefits aside.

The fact that it's brewed with Mediterranean sea water might raise expectations of a Gose (such as Libertine does so well with their Pacific seawater Gose), but there is sufficient desalinization to the water harvested from Neptune's domain that only a tantalizing tanginess is added to this nicely nuanced Golden Ale.

Great with food (not just seafood and Spanish food, though those are certainly great places to begin one's pairing explorations), as well as suitable for any occasion (or non-occasion) that calls for a delicious and refreshing ale. Salud!

Now available in 330ml bottles
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