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De Ranke XX Bitter – available, at last!
Written by LV Bev   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 05:43

de_ranke___xx_bi_4a6915a074015De Ranke is truly one of the finest breweries around. They specialize in crafting creative beers with a nod to traditional Belgian abbey styles, but ultimately they brew beers that they (and we!) simply enjoy drinking. Their beers go especially well with food, yet each one has more than enough layers of flavor to be enjoyed alone.

The XX Bitter is, as with traditional English “Bitters,” not so bitter at all. It is hoppy, of course, but in quite a different way from our California IPAs. No Cascade or Centennial hops here! No piney (or as Michael puts it – “stabby”) or citrusy hop notes anywhere nearby. Instead, the XX Bitter is full of the lovely spicy, earthy, and slightly perfumey hop characteristics found in only the best European noble hops. The foundation of the beer is a wonderfully-smooth pale malt, and somewhere in the middle of the beer you will find just a touch of that De Ranke farmhouse terroir.

Every time you try this beer, you will find something new to love. Enjoy.

(Available in 24x330ml bottles & 30L kegs)

Lime Ventures is extremely pleased to announce the addition of Vanberg & Dewulf imports to our growing lineup of world-class beers!
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 20:16

garconWe are now carrying kegs of all Vanberg & Dewulf imports - including the one & only Saison Dupont! As young beer fans hungry for new tastes, we here at LV fondly recall our first sips of this top notch saison - our introduction to the style back in the dark days of limited beer options. The Dupont beers gave us our first glimpse of what was going on across the pond in Belgium - and today, many saisons later, we can still say that this is the one to beat.

Of course, all of the breweries and their respective beers are great! Check out their offerings by following the links: Dupont, Dubuinsson, and Slaghmuylder.

(All of the Vanberg & DeWulf kegs are 5.28 gallons and have American sankey fittings. Perfect for all occasions...)

New Beers from Spain's First Craft Brewery
Written by LV Bev   

We have two new beers from Spain's first craft brewery, Cervesera del Montseny, o r CCM: +Lupulus Iberian ale and the +Negra Stout.

"Just two years ago, Pablo Vijande and friends founded Spain's first commercial craft brewery in the small town of Seva, north of Barcelona at the foot of the Montseny mountains. For years Pablo has been the odd man out in wine-drinking Spain, where no hops or barley for malting are grown. He sold home-brewing materials, ran an instructional brewer's festival, and even worked as a volunteer in an English ale brewery for a spell -- all the time saving up money to start up CCM. (Read more about CCM here)..."



New Beers From Scandinavia!
Written by LV Bev   
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 19:28
We’re excited to have received four remarkable new beers from Scandinavia, where many of the most delicious, well made, and innovative brews are currently being made.
Achel Blonde is Back
Written by LV Bev   
Sunday, 20 September 2009 18:48

AchelBlondeAchel Blonde is a pale, strong, fruity, hoppy Trappist ale from Belgium's smallest Trappist brewery. Achel 8° is hard to find even in Belgium; in the U.S. it will be the rarest of beers. It is only available once or twice a year.

The Saint Benedictus Abbey of Achel is the first monastery to take up brewing in Belgium since 1931, and is one of only six Trappist breweries now operating there. In fact, the Abbey is located partly in Holland and partly in Belgium, but the brewery is in Belgium.

This blond, flavorful beer is a surprisingly refreshing brew at 8% alcohol by volume. It is lightly filtered, but still wholesomely hazy with yeast remaining in the bottle. (Shelton Brothers)

Available in 24x330ml bottles.



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