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Tahoe Mountain's Finest, Now in Stock
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:25

tahoe mtn logo

Tahoe Mountain's Finest, Now in Stock

Tahoe Mountain Brewing is one of those breweries that just seems to be great at everything they do. How can a brewery so adept at making IPAs and rustic saisons also have a total mastery over barrel-aged sour ales? Bold imperial stouts? Well, we're not here to ask questions. We're here to bring you the products of their wide range of talents.

At this very moment, we've got a great selection of Tahoe Mountain beers that you and your customers are sure to love--beers that showcase all this little brewery can do. It's all here: IPAs, stouts, and all kinds of inventive barrel-aged goodies. Check 'em out!

Now Available:

Dark Ages: Brett Stout
A delicious, bold imperial stout aged in a variety of oak barrels with Brettanomyces. Vinous and tart with berry, cherry, and coffee-like flavors and a soft drying oakiness. Its 10% ABV is amazingly well-hidden.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Old Bayard
A barrel-aged sour brown ale with deep complexity. Aromatics of plum, chocolate, caramel, and red grapes in a tart, satisfying package. Rated 96 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Party Boy
Fruit forward and juicy but dry, Party Boy is an IPA fermented exclusively with Brettanomyces. Citrusy, earthy, tropical, and aromatic.
94 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Primrose is a bright tart barrel aged ale fermented on Malbec grapes. Pink, tangy, and elegant.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Recolte du Bois: Saison Savoureuse
Part of Tahoe Mountain's series of rustic barrel-aged beers known as Recolte du Bois, Saison Savoureuse is an inventive take on the saison style. Tart and savory, tinged with sage. Herbal, sour, enthralling.
98 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

A punchy barrel-aged sour ale brewed with lemongrass and ginger. Spicy, oaky, tart.
Now available in 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs.

Also available from Tahoe Mountain:
Aurelia - a bright, golden, foudre-aged sour saison
Barrel-Aged Biere de Garde - a layered sherry barrel-aged BdG
Evolution of the Barrel - an ode to gueuze
Festivus 2015 - a tart, spiced, barrel-aged holiday ale
Higashino Farmhouse - a layered umami saison with Brett
Hop Dragon - a smooth, balanced double IPA
Provisions - a rustic, multi-grain saison
Smoked Mai Bock - a bourbon barrel-aged smoked lager
Happy Birthday, Prairie!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:22

prairie 4th

Happy Birthday, Prairie!

From the moment Prairie Artisan Ales sent their first beers to us here in California, we knew we were in for a long, tasty relationship. As time has gone by, our appreciation for their mastery of all things highly-hopped, rustically-fermented, and elegantly-soured has only deepened.

In celebration of their fourth birthday, Prairie has released a beer that clearly illustrates what they do best. 4th Anniversary is a lovely sour ale tinged with the floral, earthy, and spicy flavors of fresh ginger root. It is balanced and drinkable, with the ginger's delicate aromatics married perfectly to a bready maltiness and the funky flavors from a mixed-culture fermentation.

It's a fittingly delicious way to celebrate a brewery that has brought us a whole lot of deliciousness over the past four years. Cheers to you, Prairie!

Also recently received:

Prairie Ace is a hop-driven saison marked with the citrusy, lemongrass-like aromatics of its namesake hop: Sorachi Ace. It's spicy, grassy, and enticingly bitter--crushable to the max.
Now available in 500ml bottle and 1/6th and 1/2 barrel kegs.

Weisse is Prairie's take on the ever-popular Berliner weisse style (Oklahoma weisse?). It is every bit as bright, lemony, and refreshing as you would hope it would be, with grainy, fruity aromatics along with a satisfyingly tart finish.
Now available in 12oz bottles.

Also available from Prairie:
Ape Snake
Funky Gold Mosaic
Funky Gold Simcoe
TRVE Edition
Vous Francais
Prairie Ale
Three Limited Beers from Perennial
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:14


Three Limited Beers from Perennial

Perennial's year-round beers are some of our most reliable favorites. Saison de Lis, Hommelbier, and Blonde are always welcome in our glasses and they find their way there often. But whenever a new shipment from St. Louis rolls through our doors, we can't help but rip off the pallet wrap in excitement, jonesin' to get our hands on whatever new bottles have found their way to our warehouse. The rotating cast of this brewery's beery characters is always worth appreciating--the beers are consistently delicious, with inventive recipes and flawless execution.

Thankfully, we've had a lot to appreciate lately, with three new Perennial beers gracing us with their presence. Check 'em out, and get excited along with us!

Now Available:

Glitter & Gold
Glitter & Gold is a dry, aromatic biere de miel brewed with Missouri honey, spelt, and oats. It's floral, earthy, and estery, with a complex aroma and a satisfying balance. An amazingly versatile food beer that is great on its own!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Von Pampelmuse
A delightfully tart citrus bomb of a Berliner weisse, brewed with grapefruit and mandarins. Juicy, bright, and refreshing.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Brewed in collaboration with Portland's Commons Brewery, Meriwether is a classic saison, perfectly balancing doughy maltiness, floral hoppiness, and peppery yeast character. It's fermented with a 50/50 blend of each brewery's house saison yeast, making it a collaboration between not just brewers, but microorganisms as well!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Also available from Perennial:

Saison de Lis - An elegant saison brewed with chamomile
Blonde - Belgian blonde ale perfection in 1/6bbl kegs.
A Taste of California's Central Coast
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Friday, 23 September 2016 21:50

libertine logo

A Taste of California's Central Coast

We have a pretty broad range of breweries represented in our portfolio here at Lime, but none of them are quite like the Libertine Brewing Company. This is a brewery approaching beer from a truly unusual way, producing truly unusual beers that are truly unusually delicious. Each of these beers is aged in oak barrels after spending time in both an open coolship and in large oak puncheons. Each is expressive of the zymagical capabilities of the native yeast and bacteria populations of the brewery's home on California's Central Coast. Each is tart, complex, and satisfying. Some have their roots in very old traditions, while others are completely modern creations, but each offers a delightful taste of this region's unique terroir. We've just reloaded our supply of the brewery's year-round staples and several newer beers, featured below. Check 'em out!

Now Available:

1234 Broad Street
A malty but dry biere de garde with the Libertine's signature tart 'n' funky fermentation character. Gently fruity and deeply complex.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Aubree Rye Saison
A tropical and zesty saison with an underlying rye spiciness. Earthy, fruity, and layered.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

That's right! A coffee Berliner weisse. Sour but drinkable, with the roasty influence of coffee throughout. Citrusy and bright, but with an unusual toasty edge.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Edna Table Saison
A zesty, heavily-dry hopped sour saison at just 4% ABV. Absolutely loaded with delicate floral aromatics and melon and citrus-like fruitiness. Major refreshment!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Exile on Broad Street
Exile on Broad Street is a big, in-your-face brandy barrel-aged sour biere de garde made with fresh peaches. It's absolutely delicious, loaded with fresh peach flavor atop a bready, caramelly malt base. 9.5% ABV--tread lightly!
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Saison Fonce
A dark, roasty saison aged in oak barrels. Malty and gently sour with berrylike and chocolatey aromatics.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Also available from The Libertine:

Authentic SLO Wild Ale - A bright, blended golden sour ale
Central Coast Saison - A boldly sour hoppy saison with Brettanomyces
Pacific Ocean Blue Gose - A lovely gose salted with water from the Pacific Ocean
Wild IPA - A dry-hopped wild-fermented IPA
Pink Panther - A bright pink hibiscus sour in 1/6bbl kegs.
Preorder: Anchorage Love and the Death of Damnation IPA
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Saturday, 17 September 2016 21:16

anchorage love and the death of damnation label



Anchorage Love and the Death of Damnation IPA

Hey there! Anchorage Brewing is set to release their newest beer: Love and the Death of Damnation, an IPA made in collaboration with Jacob Smith, who makes music with his White Buffalo project. The beer is the rare Anchorage beer that is not fermented with Brettanomyces--it's a "clean" IPA, hopped with Mosaic and Equinox hops and weighing in at a sessionable 6.5% ABV.

Anchorage is sending us our cases within the next two weeks and we'll want to get the beer out to you as fresh as possible, so please let us know how many cases you would like to preorder as soon as possible.

Cases of 12 750ml bottles will cost $79.50.

Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the quantity of cases you'd like to

order and the name of your business ASAP.

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