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'Tis the Season!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Friday, 04 November 2016 16:46


'Tis the Season!

It's that time of year again, folks! Time to unpack your winter clothes, start procrastinating on putting up the Christmas lights, and decide which presents from last year you'll be regifting. The holiday spirit is starting to build, and you'll want your beer list to reflect that. Thankfully, our book is packed with regift-proof holiday gems. We've got a lovely selection of options to fill your glasses this season, from the classically rich, dark and dense, to the sour, barrel-aged, and hoppy. It's a far-reaching selection of festive, exceptionally-tasty beers you're sure to enjoy. Check 'em out!

Featured Holiday Beers:

Libertine Stocking Stuffer
Stocking Stuffer starts it's life as a rich stout made funky in the typical Libertine fashion. It's fermented with a mixed culture and aged in spirits barrels before being blended into the complex, satisfying beer that has made its way into bottles for you. A tart, layered, and delicious new tradition.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

La Cibeles Madrilen Ale
A warming amber barleywine built for drinking (well--sipping--it's 12% ABV) around the fireplace. Rich, dense and fruity with caramel, cherry, and citrusy aromatics and a smooth, velvety texture.
Now available in 30L KeyKegs.

Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin' Christmas Red Wine BA 2012
An intriguing vintage release! Brewed in 2012 with ginger and pine needles, a batch of Hoppy Lovin' Christmas was then aged in red wine barrels, where it took on a very gentle tartness and a vinous complexity. Very unusual and tasty!
92 on RateBeer!
Now available in 375ml bottles.

De Ranke Pere Noel
Pere Noel is an herbal, spicy, hop-driven copper Christmas ale with grassy, citrusy hop characteristics and a deep, satisfying malt character. Intense but balanced!
Now available in 30L Dolium Kegs.

Also available:


Geants - Noel des Geants 6x750ml
Geants - Noel des Geants Magnums 6x1.5L
Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 12x750ml
Jolly Pumpkin - NOEL de Calabaza - 12x750ml
Kerkom Grand Cru 6x750ml
Kulmbacher Eisbock 24x330ml bottles
Mikkeller Red / White Christmas 6x750ml
Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper 6x750ml
Mikkeller To From Via 6/750 ml
Mikkeller Winbic 6x750ml
Renaissance Great Punkin 12x500ml
Ridgeway BAD Elf Winter Ale 12x500ml bottles
Ridgeway INSANELY Bad Elf Vintage 24x330ml bottles
Ridgeway Lump of Coal Holiday Stout 12x500ml bottles
Ridgeway Reindeer Droppings 12x500ml
To Ol Snowball Saison 6x750ml
Trois Dames Winter Sour 24/330 ml

De La Senne Xmas Zinnebir 20L KeyKeg
Jolly Pumpkin Los Vivos y Los Muertos 1/6 bbl keg
Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 20L Keg
Ridgeway Lump of Coal 30L PETainer
To Ol X-Mas Snowball 30L Key Keg


Fresh Hop Seizoen and More from Logsdon!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Friday, 28 October 2016 16:49

logsdon label

Fresh Hop Seizoen and More from Logsdon!

There's no denying that "farmhouse ales" are everywhere these days. But what is a farmhouse ale if it's brewed in a business park by the freeway? That's certainly a question worth considering, but know this: when Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales calls their beers "farmhouse ales," it's not some kind of beery romantic fiction. Indeed, the red barn by the sprawling fields you see in the shadow of Mt. Hood painted on each Logsdon label is actually where their lovely beers are made.

These are authentic farmhouse beers, packed with rustic yeast character and made with skill from high quality organic ingredients. They represent everything you'd hope to get from a farmhouse ale, and they don't see a business park until they arrive at our warehouse door. We've just received a load of some of our favorites from Logsdon, including this year's much-anticipated release of Fresh Hop Seizoen. Check it out!
Now Available:
Fresh Hop Seizoen
Wet-hopped with several varieties of organic Oregon-grown hops, Fresh Hop Seizoen is a perfect fall refresher. It's bright, herbaceous, and zesty, with fresh citrus oil aromatics alongside a grassy earthiness and a complex fermentation profile.
99 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 30L Dolium kegs (NO DEPOSIT).
Shilpi's F'Alt
A toasty, malty delight of an altbier with a slightly roasty edge, satisfying richness, and just enough hop bitterness to keep things balanced. Brand new and tasting delicious!
Now available in 30L Dolium kegs (NO DEPOSIT).
Szech 'n' Brett
Szech 'n' Brett is a Lime Ventures favorite--a Brettanomyces-fermented saison subtly-spiced with Szechuan peppercorn. Super complex and like nothing else out there.
96 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 30L Dolium kegs (NO DEPOSIT).
Also available:
Seizoen Bretta
Oak-Aged Bretta
Kili Wit
Straffe Drieling Triple
It's Pumpkin Beer Season
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Friday, 21 October 2016 19:29


It's Pumpkin Beer Season!

Smell that, folks? That's the smell of slowly rotting leaves, overly-spiced lattes, and the stale-beer-on-concrete aroma of last weekend's Oktoberfest parties. That's right, it's officially fall, and it's time to stock up on pumpkin beer. We've got several great options in stock, for the lover of the classic malt-and-spice-driven examples you're likely thinking of, and for those that are looking for something new.

We've got something here for everyone, so why not crack open a bottle or pour yourself a glass of one of these fine pumpkin beers and fill your nostrils with one of our favorite autumn scents?

Now Available:

Jolly Pumpkin Los Vivos y Los Muertos
Brewed exclusively for us lucky Californians, Los Vivos y Los Muertos is a 4.2% ABV sour ale brewed with pumpkin and lime. Get it?! It's a drinkable celebration of our partnership with America's first all-sour brewery, arriving just in time for Dia de Los Muertos. It's an ultra-refreshing beer, of course, perfect for those random hotter-than-summer West Coast fall days that we all know will rear their heads soon enough. Bright acidity, zesty aromatics, and so delicious.
Now available in 1/6 bbl kegs.

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela
Also available from Jolly Pumpkin, La Parcela is a similarly delightful break from the caramelly spiced amber beers so associated with that big orange squash. It's dry and sour, noticeably focused on earthy and tart yeast character amidst bright citrus, cocoa, and (a touch of) spiced flavor.
99 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6 bbl kegs.

Renaissance Great Punkin
Medium bodied and gently sweet, this beer focuses on caramelized malts, roasted pumpkin flavor, and just the right amount of warming spices. It's toasty and drinkable stuff with upwards of 7% ABV to keep you warm as the temperature drops.
Now available in 500ml bottles.
Tahoe Mountain's Finest, Now in Stock
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:25

tahoe mtn logo

Tahoe Mountain's Finest, Now in Stock

Tahoe Mountain Brewing is one of those breweries that just seems to be great at everything they do. How can a brewery so adept at making IPAs and rustic saisons also have a total mastery over barrel-aged sour ales? Bold imperial stouts? Well, we're not here to ask questions. We're here to bring you the products of their wide range of talents.

At this very moment, we've got a great selection of Tahoe Mountain beers that you and your customers are sure to love--beers that showcase all this little brewery can do. It's all here: IPAs, stouts, and all kinds of inventive barrel-aged goodies. Check 'em out!

Now Available:

Dark Ages: Brett Stout
A delicious, bold imperial stout aged in a variety of oak barrels with Brettanomyces. Vinous and tart with berry, cherry, and coffee-like flavors and a soft drying oakiness. Its 10% ABV is amazingly well-hidden.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Old Bayard
A barrel-aged sour brown ale with deep complexity. Aromatics of plum, chocolate, caramel, and red grapes in a tart, satisfying package. Rated 96 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Party Boy
Fruit forward and juicy but dry, Party Boy is an IPA fermented exclusively with Brettanomyces. Citrusy, earthy, tropical, and aromatic.
94 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Primrose is a bright tart barrel aged ale fermented on Malbec grapes. Pink, tangy, and elegant.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Recolte du Bois: Saison Savoureuse
Part of Tahoe Mountain's series of rustic barrel-aged beers known as Recolte du Bois, Saison Savoureuse is an inventive take on the saison style. Tart and savory, tinged with sage. Herbal, sour, enthralling.
98 on RateBeer!
Now available in 500ml bottles.

A punchy barrel-aged sour ale brewed with lemongrass and ginger. Spicy, oaky, tart.
Now available in 1/2 and 1/6 bbl kegs.

Also available from Tahoe Mountain:
Aurelia - a bright, golden, foudre-aged sour saison
Barrel-Aged Biere de Garde - a layered sherry barrel-aged BdG
Evolution of the Barrel - an ode to gueuze
Festivus 2015 - a tart, spiced, barrel-aged holiday ale
Higashino Farmhouse - a layered umami saison with Brett
Hop Dragon - a smooth, balanced double IPA
Provisions - a rustic, multi-grain saison
Smoked Mai Bock - a bourbon barrel-aged smoked lager
Happy Birthday, Prairie!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:22

prairie 4th

Happy Birthday, Prairie!

From the moment Prairie Artisan Ales sent their first beers to us here in California, we knew we were in for a long, tasty relationship. As time has gone by, our appreciation for their mastery of all things highly-hopped, rustically-fermented, and elegantly-soured has only deepened.

In celebration of their fourth birthday, Prairie has released a beer that clearly illustrates what they do best. 4th Anniversary is a lovely sour ale tinged with the floral, earthy, and spicy flavors of fresh ginger root. It is balanced and drinkable, with the ginger's delicate aromatics married perfectly to a bready maltiness and the funky flavors from a mixed-culture fermentation.

It's a fittingly delicious way to celebrate a brewery that has brought us a whole lot of deliciousness over the past four years. Cheers to you, Prairie!

Also recently received:

Prairie Ace is a hop-driven saison marked with the citrusy, lemongrass-like aromatics of its namesake hop: Sorachi Ace. It's spicy, grassy, and enticingly bitter--crushable to the max.
Now available in 500ml bottle and 1/6th and 1/2 barrel kegs.

Weisse is Prairie's take on the ever-popular Berliner weisse style (Oklahoma weisse?). It is every bit as bright, lemony, and refreshing as you would hope it would be, with grainy, fruity aromatics along with a satisfyingly tart finish.
Now available in 12oz bottles.

Also available from Prairie:
Ape Snake
Funky Gold Mosaic
Funky Gold Simcoe
TRVE Edition
Vous Francais
Prairie Ale
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