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Now in Stock: Toccalmatto!
Written by Mike Reis   
Monday, 21 April 2014 23:14


It's Italian Beer Week here at Lime Ventures!

Okay, not really, but we did just get another shipment of great Italian beer. Birra Toccalmatto ("toe-cal-MAHT-toe") is a standout in Italy's burgeoning craft beer scene. They've got a special talent with hops and use that to develop, as they call them, "beers with a temper."

Don't let that scare you away. These beers have teeth, but they are crazy delicious.

We've just received an order of five of their fine beers (including a new collaboration with Prairie!) and are happy to bring them straight to you.

Check 'em out!



Zona Cesarini

Zona Cesarini is simply one of the best IPAs to ever come out of the ol' boot. Brewed with Sorachi Ace and Pacific Gem hops, there's a flavor here beyond the floral, grapefruity, and pine-like aromas that dominate the American IPA scene. Expect lemongrass, mango, and tangerine-like hop aroma with a firm bitterness rounding things out. 98 on RateBeer!



Re Hop

This is a beer designed to marry the flavors of a German pilsner and an American IPA. Sounds crazy, but it works! It's essentially an American pale ale, fueled by the classic aroma of Pacific Northwest-grown Cascade hops. But there's something else here too. You'll taste an earthy, peppery undercurrent of Saaz hops as well, adding complexity and turning this beer into something really special. 90 on RateBeer!




Though some call it an IPA, Skizoid is kind of its own thing. It's hoppy, sure--really hoppy, actually. It's deep orange-amber color will give you a hint that you're dealing with something new here, though. There's a touch of roasted malt character alongside caramel and raw grain flavor. Oh yeah, and the hops! We're working with Columbus, Chinook, and Centennial here--this beer's got a load of citrus flavor akin to candied orange peels, pine sap, and fresh cut grass. Delicious!



Salty Angel

As warm weather has creeped into our lives yet again, we find ourselves always wishing there were more goses on the shelves. With Salty Angel, Toccalmatto is part of the solution to this problem. It's a tart beer with a bit more coriander and salt than most other goses. Ultimate refreshment!



Okie Matilde

A drinkable tribute to the famed Trappist beer Orval, Okie Matilde is the product of a collaboration between the folks at Toccalmatto and Chase Healey of Oklahoma's own Prairie Artisan Ales. Like the beer that inspired it, this is a pale Belgian-style ale featuring a moderate hop bitterness and the earthy, funky influence of the wild yeast Brettanomyces. Lively and complex. A worthy homage!