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Two Commons Classics, Now in Stock
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Two Commons Classics, Now in Stock

The Commons Brewery makes great beer with a clear voice, effortlessly blending new world concepts with old-school sensibilities. They make beers that reflect their own passions and it shows--their beers are fresh and exciting, but with a classic air about them. The brewery is known for their consistently excellent saisons and farmhouse table beers, but their skills go way beyond that.

We've just received new batches of two of our favorites from this Portland brewery that exemplify their unique style and skill beyond the farmhouse ale. Check 'em out!

Now Available:

Bourbon Little Brother
Little Brother is a cool-fermented strong ale with a touch of roasty character and a lot of smooth richness. Here, it's been given the barrel-aged treatment, resting for a few months in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. The result is a dense and complex (but not over-the-top) chocolatey, malty delight.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Flemish Kiss
Flemish Kiss is back! One of our all-time favorite beers from the Commons has returned. It's a brilliant Belgian-style pale ale fermented with Brettanomyces. It's floral and dry, with a touch of fruitiness and an earthy finishing bite.
96 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles.

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