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Now in Cans: Argus Fermentables
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Now in Cans: Argus Fermentables

Lime Ventures now has its first canned ciders, courtesy of our friends over at Austin's Argus Cidery. They've taken their delicious and ever-popular Fermentables series and swapped their stubby 12oz glass bottles for these new 12oz cans and we couldn't be happier. The packaging is as beautiful as ever, and it's now vastly more portable. These little guys are ready for action at a great price!

Ciderkin is a tart, crushable "session cider," with citrusy, stonefruity aromatics. The can will disappear faster than you can say "ahhhhhhh."

Ginger Perry
An intensely-gingery pear cider inspired by spicy ginger beers. Wonderfully invigorating on its own, but also great as a mixing ingredient for your favorite gingery cocktails. Floral, spicy, dry, and drinkable.

Now available in 12oz 6-pack cans for $44.25.

Also available from Argus: vintage reserve releases!

Malus Cuvee
A still, bracing, funky cider built for the dinner table. Loads of acid!

2013 Perennial
A blended cider consisting largely of Blaze apples from the 2013 harvest, aged in French and American oak barrels to develop earthy natural fermentation characteristics.

A single-variety cider made from the Stellar apple, known for its pear-like aromatics. Aged in French oak casks to take on tannin and develop a layered, intense fermentation character.