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Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage

The history of American craft beer is rich with legendary bromances, but we're particularly fond of the one between Jolly Pumpkin's Ron Jeffries and Anchorage's Gabe Fletcher. They're both pioneers in the beer scene, Ron for opening the country's first brewery to focus exclusively on barrel-aged sour ales and Gabe for his early and unwavering dedication to fermenting his beers with the funkifying yeast known as Brettanomyces.

But some of the best beers to come from these breweries have been born out of their collaborative projects, starting with Calabaza Boreal (which has now been brewed several times at both breweries) and continuing on through the years.

We currently have three (!) beers born of their friendship. Each is delicious in its own way, with the complex fermentation profiles we've come to expect from these talented brewers. Check 'em out!

Now available:

No Ka 'Oi
No Ka 'Oi is a Hawaiian phrase meaning, more or less, "the best." While the name certainly could apply to this unbelievably delicious wild ale, we think it probably refers to Gabe himself, who is, indeed, the best. Jolly Pumpkin made this beer in honor of his birthday, which we think is pretty cute. However sweet the backstory, this is a dry and tart wild ale brewed with Michigan-grown hops, raspberries, and lime. Complex but gentle.
95 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Matame Ahorita
Matame Ahorita is a tart gose brewed with Alaskan sea salt and a whole bunch of citrus peels, from yuzu, lemons, and limes. Smooth, bright, refreshing.
97 on RateBeer!
Available in 750ml bottles while supplies last.

Calabaza Boreal (Brewed at Anchorage)
A funky gem of a saison brewed with grapefruit, peppercorns, and Galaxy and Mosaic hops. Bracing, bold, sour and bitter.
99 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles.