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A Monastic Classic
Written by Trent Thornberry   

A Monastic Classic

If you had to guess which Trappist brewery was the smallest, what would you say? Westvleteren? One of those new ones no one can remember? You'd be wrong.

The smallest Trappist brewery is Achel, and we happen to think it's one of the finest. Like many of the Trappists, Achel keeps it simple. They brew just a small handful of beers, and they brew them exceptionally well. In fact, they sell just three of 'em beyond the walls of their monastery, each with its own distinct character. These are genuine Belgian beer classics that have stood the test of time, with all the balance, elegance, and food-friendliness that earned Belgium its reputation as worldwide leaders in beer. Lucky for you, we've got all three of Achel's exports available now. Check it out!

Now available:

Achel Blond 8°
Some call it Achel's tripel, others just "Blond." Whatever you call it, it's delicious stuff. Yeasty and bright, Blond is hugely aromatic, with apple, pear, and white flower character leaping from the chalice. Peppery, highly carbonated, and refreshing. 8% ABV.
Now available in 330ml bottles.

Achel Bruin 8°
Achel Bruin has all the hallmarks of a perfect Belgian strong dark ale. It's strong but drinkable, light in body but not boring, and with malt and fermentation character perfectly married. Nutty, caramelly maltiness serves as a nice backdrop for raisin and banana-like fruitiness and a complementary clove and pepper-like spiciness.
Now available in 330ml bottles.

Achel Extra
Rich and potent at 9.5% ABV, Achel Extra is the brewery's strongest offering. This is rich and deeply complex stuff, packed with decadent flavors reminiscent of plum, red grape, licorice, and toffee. Alcohol sneaks in on the finish with a drying affect that boosts drinkability beyond what you'd expect from such a dense beer. Amazing.
Now available in 750ml bottles.