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Three New Ones from Prairie
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Three New Ones from Prairie

We love it when a brewery plays to their strengths.

The folks at Prairie Artisan Ales do everything well, really, but perhaps their strengthiest strengths are on display when they make sour ales and imperial stouts. Bomb is a modern classic, the "Funky" series never disappoints, and all the other riffs, variations and one-offs we taste from Prairie are exceptionally well-made and interesting.

We were just able to get our hands on three new beers from Prairie that exemplify what the brewery does best. Check 'em out!

Now available:

Apricot Funk
A delicious, juicy sour ale that is absolutely bursting with lush apricot aromatics. Dry, bright, and effervescent with an earthy underlying funk. So good!
Now available in 500ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Paradise started as a one-off draft-only specialty beer that became so popular that Prairie had no choice but to make more. It's an ultra-rich, decadent imperial stout brewed with coconut and vanilla. Pure tropical and chocolatey satisfaction. 13% ABV.
Now available in 12oz bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

If you're still thirsty for more of Prairie's incredible imperial stouts, there's Pe-Kan, the newest addition to their lineup. Like Paradise, this one is very strong and rich, but it swaps the coconut with pecans for a less tropical take on the style. Instead, the beer is nutty and smooth, with a drying bitterness on the finish that keeps this remarkably drinkable for an 11.5% ABV beer.
Now available in 12oz bottles.