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Now in Stock: Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Now in Stock:
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake

Mikkeller's "Beer Geek" series needs no introduction. Beer Geek Breakfast and Beer Geek Brunch are the beers perhaps most responsible for catapulting the Danish brewery onto the American craft beer scene. These beers continue to impress and the longevity of their popularity is a testament to their quality.

But Mikkeller is not the kind of brewery to sit around and ride the success of just a couple beers--no, this is a seriously prolific brewery. There have been years in which Mikkeller has released more than 200 new, unique beers. Their unending experimentation has resulted in some fantastic, memorable products, including--of course--variants within the famed "Beer Geek" series.

We've seen extra-rich versions, extra-strong variants, variants aged in bourbon, scotch, brandy, calvados, and port barrels, and variants infused with mint, cherry wine, citrus, tea, and nuts. One of our standout favorites, though, is the cult-favorite Beer Geek Vanilla Shake.

This is a rich, 13% ABV version of the "Beer Geek" oatmeal stout base, loaded with vanilla and coffee flavor to yield a dense, milkshake-like, ultra-decadent sipper. And it's available now in 330ml bottles and 20L kegs.

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Skor is an well-made version of a beer style that's hard to get right: the Belgian strong dark ale. It's smooth, strong, and fruity, with dark malt richness working in harmony with bright yeast esters. This version of Skor is taken to the next level, having aged in red wine barrels for a stint to take on a vinous, berry-like character to complement the chocolatey, leathery, bready flavors in the base beer.
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Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Apricot
Mikkeller's "Hallo Ich Bin" series of fruit-infused Berliner weisses have been hugely popular since they first rolled through our doors, and the newest variant, made with apricot, is one of our favorites yet! It has loads of juicy, ripe apricot flavor atop a lean, tart, citrusy, and grainy base.
Packaged for your refreshment in 500ml cans!

...and many more great beers from Mikkeller Denmark and San Diego!