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The Lager We've Been Waiting For
Written by Trent Thornberry   

The Lager We've Been Waiting For

The phrase "European lager" carries some baggage--it tends to bring up images of stale, skunky beer abused by months spent at sea in hot shipping containers and on the warm floors of mega-wholesalers. We don't buy that stuff, but have to admit that it hasn't always been easy to find European lagers we do love.

Brewfist's La Bassa is all we could ask for. It is everything we want out of a style designed to be clean, refreshing, and crushable. It's lean but not thin, bitter but balanced, and satisfying from first sip to last thanks to beautifully-expressed aromatics from bready barley malt and floral Tradition hops. It's a perfect lager at a price that's as palatable as the beer itself. Check it out!

Now available in 330ml bottles & 30L KeyKegs.

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