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Beautiful Spanish Ciders on Draft
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:32

Beautiful Spanish Ciders on Draft!

Spanish cider is unlike any other beverage in the world. The ciders of Basque Country and Asturias are beguiling, complex, and well-loved across the globe, expressive of terroir and a mastery of wild fermentation. But Asturian cider is rarely available on draft. In fact, before we started working with the folks at Ciders of Spain, we're not sure we ever saw a keg of the stuff!

Thankfully, we do have a partnership with the folks at Ciders of Spain, and they've managed to get their hands on some truly special products. In addition to their regular lineup of Asturian offerings, we've now got a selection of several of the importer's finest ciders, available now in kegs. Check it out!

Now available:

Guzman Riestra Sidra Natural
This is a fantastic example of a traditional Asturian cider--it's mostly still and wild, with bold acidity and a rustic appearance. It's made with Spanish and French cider apple varieties for a huge aroma, layered structure, and food-friendly balance. Expect briny, funky, and wild flavors in bounds.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 30L kegs.

Viuda de Angelon Sidra Brut
Viuda de Angelon's Sidra Brut is made entirely from earthy, matured cider, refermented in package to produce a dry, festive drink with a fine, natural carbonation. If Guzman Riestra's Sidra Natural is a traditional Asturian cider, this is a more modern take--a bright sparkler for the Champagne lover.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 30L kegs.

Viuda de Angelon Sidra de Pera
Made entirely from pears and the yeast present on their skin and in their flesh, Sidra de Pera is a rich perry with vanilla aromatics and the slightest touch of residual sugar (1.5g/L). Made with the Charmat method to preserve the freshness of the delicate fruit aromatics.
Now available in 330ml bottles & 30L kegs.

Also available from Ciders of Spain:

Fanjul Sidra Natural 12x700ml
Guzman Riestra Brut Nature 12x750ml
Sidra Avalon 24x330ml
Viuda de Angelon Diamantes de Hielo 12x375ml
Viuda de Angelon Sidra 1947 12x750ml