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Just In: Montegioco's Bran Reserva & Crux Favorites
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Just In:
Montegioco's Bran Reserva & Crux Favorites

This week we bring you a selection of some of our favorite just-received beers: one classic Italian strong ale, Montegioco's Bran Reserva, and two more-crushable offerings from our friends at Crux Fermentation Project: PCT Porter and Play Wave Pale. These are very different beers from very different places, but one thing is clear: beer lovers everywhere can appreciate them. Check 'em out!

Now available in 375ml bottles:

Montegioco Bran Reserva
Montegioco's Bran is a beautiful, unclassifiable dark ale, rich with fruity, licoricey, coffee-like flavors. It's a satisfying, beguiling treat on its own, but the Bran Reserva is something incredibly special. In this variant, Montegioco has aged Bran in Barbera barrels for 10 months. The beer takes on even more complexity and a Balsamic-like acidic edge. It's nutty, oaky, and tannic, with an underlying umami richness. It's a beer worth unpacking over a long sipping session--as it comes to room temperature and opens up, it will reveal even more tasty layers. A one-of-a-kind beer.
Now available in 375ml bottles.

And just in from our friends at Crux:

PCT Porter
Named for (and benefitting!) the legendary Pacific Crest Trail, PCT Porter is Crux's newest foray into the less-hoppy realm. It's a dry, super-drinkable everyday porter with a satisfying roasty edge. Balanced porter perfection.
Now available in 30L kegs & 12oz cans.

Play Wave Pale
Play Wave is a delightful pale ale built for crushability. It's a hop-forward beer, with big undulating hop aromas from late-addition Mosaic, Galaxy, and Centennial hops, but bitterness is restrained for a smooth sipping experience.
Now available in 30L kegs.

Also just received from Crux:

Cast Out
Cast Out is a brilliant IPA abundantly hopped with Australian Galaxy hops for juicy, tropical, floral aromatics in bounds. Delicious, hop-forward, PNW IPA goodness.
Now available in 12oz cans.

Gimme Mo
Crux's Gimme Mo comes with a tagline: "not just another IPA"--it's designed to stand out from the pack. It's lower alcohol (about 6%), well-rounded, and aromatic from Mosaic and Citra hops. Smooth and tropical and extra crushable.
Now available in 12oz cans.

Half Hitch
Half Hitch offers an even bolder IPA experience--it's a big double IPA with even mo' Mosaic. At 10% ABV, it's shockingly drinkable, with huge flavors of peach, guava, and citrus. A modern classic!
Now available in 12oz cans.

Crux's Pilz is a wonderful mondern American pilsner. Unlike many New World examples of the style, this one isn't just a pale-ale-with-lager-yeast juice bomb. No, this is a fantastic lager with crackery malts and floral European hop aromatics in perfect balance. A pilsner you'll keep coming back to time and again.
Now available in 12oz cans.