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A Monastic Classic
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 13 March 2017 16:36

A Monastic Classic

If you had to guess which Trappist brewery was the smallest, what would you say? Westvleteren? One of those new ones no one can remember? You'd be wrong.

The smallest Trappist brewery is Achel, and we happen to think it's one of the finest. Like many of the Trappists, Achel keeps it simple. They brew just a small handful of beers, and they brew them exceptionally well. In fact, they sell just three of 'em beyond the walls of their monastery, each with its own distinct character. These are genuine Belgian beer classics that have stood the test of time, with all the balance, elegance, and food-friendliness that earned Belgium its reputation as worldwide leaders in beer. Lucky for you, we've got all three of Achel's exports available now. Check it out!

Now available:

Achel Blond 8°
Some call it Achel's tripel, others just "Blond." Whatever you call it, it's delicious stuff. Yeasty and bright, Blond is hugely aromatic, with apple, pear, and white flower character leaping from the chalice. Peppery, highly carbonated, and refreshing. 8% ABV.
Now available in 330ml bottles.

Achel Bruin 8°
Achel Bruin has all the hallmarks of a perfect Belgian strong dark ale. It's strong but drinkable, light in body but not boring, and with malt and fermentation character perfectly married. Nutty, caramelly maltiness serves as a nice backdrop for raisin and banana-like fruitiness and a complementary clove and pepper-like spiciness.
Now available in 330ml bottles.

Achel Extra
Rich and potent at 9.5% ABV, Achel Extra is the brewery's strongest offering. This is rich and deeply complex stuff, packed with decadent flavors reminiscent of plum, red grape, licorice, and toffee. Alcohol sneaks in on the finish with a drying affect that boosts drinkability beyond what you'd expect from such a dense beer. Amazing.
Now available in 750ml bottles.
Liquid Gold
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Saturday, 04 March 2017 01:07

Liquid Gold

When we first tasted Prairie Gold four years ago, we knew that the fledgling Prairie Artisan Ales was a brewery we were going to enjoy working with. It was stunning stuff--refined, complex, and balanced in a way that you wouldn't expect from a tiny new Oklahoman brewery.

It turns out people agreed with us. Prairie Gold, Bomb!, Standard and the rest of the brewery's lineup quickly earned Prairie a big, dedicated following that continues to grow. The beers have only developed and improved in the last four years, and Prairie Gold has evolved into a series, with a succession of fantastic dry-hopped variants.

The "Funky Gold" series has always delighted us, and we're lucky to have two Prairie Gold spinoffs available now. Check it out:

Now available:

Funky Gold Mosaic
Funky Gold Mosaic starts with a base of Prairie Gold, which is heavily dry-hopped with aromatic Mosaic hops. These hops bring incredible tropical flavor to the table, complementing the base beer seamlessly. Think lemons, lychee, sweet orange peel, and pine.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Funky Gold Citra
The newest release in this series is Funky Gold Citra, which--as you might have guessed--is dry-hopped with Citra hops, aptly named for their explosive citrusy aroma. The result is a beer that is juicy and pungent, with big time tangerine, grapefruit, and passion fruit-like flavors in spades.
Now available in 500ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.
Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 20 February 2017 17:55

Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage

The history of American craft beer is rich with legendary bromances, but we're particularly fond of the one between Jolly Pumpkin's Ron Jeffries and Anchorage's Gabe Fletcher. They're both pioneers in the beer scene, Ron for opening the country's first brewery to focus exclusively on barrel-aged sour ales and Gabe for his early and unwavering dedication to fermenting his beers with the funkifying yeast known as Brettanomyces.

But some of the best beers to come from these breweries have been born out of their collaborative projects, starting with Calabaza Boreal (which has now been brewed several times at both breweries) and continuing on through the years.

We currently have three (!) beers born of their friendship. Each is delicious in its own way, with the complex fermentation profiles we've come to expect from these talented brewers. Check 'em out!

Now available:

No Ka 'Oi
No Ka 'Oi is a Hawaiian phrase meaning, more or less, "the best." While the name certainly could apply to this unbelievably delicious wild ale, we think it probably refers to Gabe himself, who is, indeed, the best. Jolly Pumpkin made this beer in honor of his birthday, which we think is pretty cute. However sweet the backstory, this is a dry and tart wild ale brewed with Michigan-grown hops, raspberries, and lime. Complex but gentle.
95 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Matame Ahorita
Matame Ahorita is a tart gose brewed with Alaskan sea salt and a whole bunch of citrus peels, from yuzu, lemons, and limes. Smooth, bright, refreshing.
97 on RateBeer!
Available in 750ml bottles while supplies last.

Calabaza Boreal (Brewed at Anchorage)
A funky gem of a saison brewed with grapefruit, peppercorns, and Galaxy and Mosaic hops. Bracing, bold, sour and bitter.
99 on RateBeer!
Now available in 750ml bottles.
Just in: Gigantic Sound & Vision and Mons Meg!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Monday, 13 February 2017 19:00

Just in: Gigantic Sound & Vision and Mons Meg!

That's right, folks! Another round of Gigantic seasonals has just hit our warehouse and is available for ordering now. We're quite chuffed to be bringing you Sound & Vision and Mons Meg, two delicious beers built for late-winter drinking. As usual, each features delightful label art, this time from artists Ferris Plock and Skot Olsen.

These wonderful 22oz bottles and 1/6bbl kegs were accompanied by a fresh stack of IPA and Ginormous, so have at it! There's no time like the present.

Now available:

Sound & Vision
Sound & Vision is a delightful winter pale ale with a solid base of English maltiness and a tropical, aromatic hop character brought to the party by Mosaic and Pacific Jade hops--think pineapple, berries and melon. Also, the label art, by San Francisco artist Ferris Plock, manages to pay tribute to both David Bowie and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is impressive. Delightful stuff!
Now available in 22oz bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Mons Meg
Mons Meg has all the punch you'd expect from a beer named for a powerful medieval Scottish cannon. It's a long-boiled Scotch ale with layers of caramelized, malty flavor and just a touch of roasty bitterness. Full-bodied, strong, and oh-so-satisfying.
Now available in 22oz bottles & 1/6bbl kegs.

Also available from Gigantic:

A tasty, hop-forward imperial saison brewed with Mandarina Bavaria and Hüll Melon hops.

A fresh load of this PNW classic in bottles and kegs has just arrived!

Like the massive robot that graces its label, this is a powerful, imposing beer. It's 8.8% ABV and 100+ IBUs. It's malty as all get-out and the seven hops used in its production leave the beer hugely aromatic.
Now in Cans: Argus Fermentables
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Friday, 03 February 2017 20:43

Now in Cans: Argus Fermentables

Lime Ventures now has its first canned ciders, courtesy of our friends over at Austin's Argus Cidery. They've taken their delicious and ever-popular Fermentables series and swapped their stubby 12oz glass bottles for these new 12oz cans and we couldn't be happier. The packaging is as beautiful as ever, and it's now vastly more portable. These little guys are ready for action at a great price!

Ciderkin is a tart, crushable "session cider," with citrusy, stonefruity aromatics. The can will disappear faster than you can say "ahhhhhhh."

Ginger Perry
An intensely-gingery pear cider inspired by spicy ginger beers. Wonderfully invigorating on its own, but also great as a mixing ingredient for your favorite gingery cocktails. Floral, spicy, dry, and drinkable.

Now available in 12oz 6-pack cans for $44.25.

Also available from Argus: vintage reserve releases!

Malus Cuvee
A still, bracing, funky cider built for the dinner table. Loads of acid!

2013 Perennial
A blended cider consisting largely of Blaze apples from the 2013 harvest, aged in French and American oak barrels to develop earthy natural fermentation characteristics.

A single-variety cider made from the Stellar apple, known for its pear-like aromatics. Aged in French oak casks to take on tannin and develop a layered, intense fermentation character.
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