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Schneider Weisse

Looking closely at the past of Schneider Weisse, one will uncover two fascinating stories: The first tells of duke Maximilian I. and his rigorous commitment to the propagation of wheat beer, leading to the foundation of the first „Weisses Bräuhaus“ in Kelheim – today’s brewing site of Schneider Weisse. A seemingly wholly different story begins far from Kelheim and tells us of the brewer family Schneider, passing on their precious heritage of experience and passion over many generations. Founded more than 140 years ago in Munich, Schneider Weisse continues on a course to success at home and abroad. From the original founder of the brewery to his grandchild in sixth generation the Schneiders managed to ensure sustainable economic growth through innovative entrepreneurship. Good to know that with Georg VII., son of today’s head of the brewery, the future of the family business is secured.

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