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Arizia Basque Cider

Juan Arregui began elaborating cider in 1996 at the Arizia farmhouse. With the invaluable support of his wife Lourdes, they began harvesting apples and, little by little, acquiring the machinery needed to produce cider.

In order to promote other people taste and know their new cider, they started with the ciderhouse-restaurant, combining cider making with dining services. At the very begining, the offer was limited to the traditional ciderhouse menu with codfish omelette, codfish with green peppers, and steak, including cheese, walnuts and apple jelly. Later, mixed salad and home-made croquettes were included.

Over time, in order to overcome operational limits of the original Arizia farmhouse, the couple decided to embark into a more ambitious project towards a more suitable facilities for a cellar. Therefore, they built the current Arizia Ciderhouse-Restaurant building. There, the charcoal grill and a more specialized cuisine started to take center stage.

Children of Juan and Lourdes, now adults, who sometimes contributed to the family business with their help during their studies, eventually decided to join and now they all work in collaboration. Father Juan, who is now retired, still remains as a strong reference and guide.

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