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Pronounced: “AH-chull” with a soft “ch” sound as in “Chanukah” or “loch”

Or (more common in the US): “AH-kull”

The beer at Trappist Achel has been brewed since 1850 within the walls of De Achelse Kluis under the supervision of the monk community. No beer was brewed between WW I and 1998, but today they brew 4 different beers! Although the last two monks moved from Achel Abbey to Westmalle Abbey in 2021, the brewing activities in the Achelse Kluis continue as usual. Achel remains a Trappist abbey and the beers brewed there continue to bear the registered brand name ‘Trappist’.

These beers may not be the most extreme, or the most hyped in this day of “bigger-hazier-sourer-is-better” beers, but they are damn good. Respect has been earned; attention is demanded. After all, would you want to make enemies of a bunch Trappist Monks who have a direct line to God? We think not.

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