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Bluet is one-of-a-kind with 7% alcohol and nothing but a pint of fermented wild blueberries in each can. No sulfites, no sugar, zero-carbs. It’s wicked tart, wicked good, and tastes like summer in Maine. Bluet is made by a Mainer who moved to California to learn how to make wine. Returning to his home state and teaming up with childhood friend, Michael Terrien and Eric Martin have discovered Maine terroir with this entirely new beverage. It’s maybe a bit like a dry lambrusco, heritage cider and a sour ale had a three-way love-child. But really, you just have to open your mind and take it on a trip to Maine. Tiny wild blueberries grow on the coast of Maine where ten thousand years ago glaciers ground the granite into a fine sand and the Atlantic deposited its complex fossil-rich marine sediment. On this super low-pH soil the wild blueberry evolved and continues to grow today, un-messed-with by humans. This is a tart berry packed with antioxidant rich pigments and subtle, earthy flavor. And secretly, its great for making pure sparkling wine…. so Bluet to IT!

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