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Brooklyn Cider House

When we were first introduced to Brooklyn Cider House, we were blown away by the depth and flavor of their incredible ciders. Their dedication to freshly harvested apples and use of wild yeast was monumental in setting them apart from all the other incredible ciders on the market. The folks at Brooklyn Cider bring something essential to the table and we just could not get enough of their cider!

From the Cidery:

“At Brooklyn Cider House, we use one simple ingredient to make our ciders – apples. So the structure, aromas, mouth feel, and any residual sugar are definitively tied to the quality of our apples. This is why our work begins on our farm. All of our ciders are made from freshly harvested apples, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and aged between two to eighteen months. We encourage wild yeast and microbes to leave their regional mark on all but one of our ciders, often with a boost from white wine yeast. We make our ciders with minimal intervention and strive for balance, depth of structure, and a lively acidity that begs to be paired with food.”

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