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De La Senne

The beers of Brasserie De La Senne are unfiltered organic craft beers, brewed without any additives, and refermented in bottle as well as kegs. They are true beers of character, 100% made in Brussels.

From the brewery:

We met in May 2002, at the time of the second edition of the Zinneke parade in Brussels, for which Bernard had created the now famous Zinnebir. We started our professional brewing career towards the end of 2003, building a microbrewery in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, in the former warehouse of the Moriau brewery. We decided to call it the “Sint-Pieter Brouwerij.” After producing for two years, the premises had become too small due to the success. We then decided to move and make our dream of establishing the brewery in our city, Brussels, a reality. To mark the occasion, we named our brewery after the river from which our city was born more than a thousand years ago: Brasserie de la Senne. It took us five years before we could properly settle in the city. Meanwhile, in order to continue production, we rented different breweries, owned by friends, where we could brew our beers ourselves. These migratory years came to a conclusion on December 22, 2010, the date of our first brew 100% made in Brussels!

Brussels is the place where we were born and where we live. We love this city. We are very proud to have doubled its number of breweries, as, when we opened, the only other active brewery in Brussels was Cantillon. We brew in the Brussels Region, on 565 Chaussée de Gand, in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, since 22 December 2010. This date has also become the date of our anniversary brew, only brewed once a year – the Brussels Calling. We have designed our production facilities by carefully selecting the technologies in use. For some stages we have purposely opted for simpler technologies in order to preserve all the aromas of our beers. We take pride in being a local brewery; Brussels is our first market, followed by the rest of Belgium. We limit our exports, despite the success we have encountered abroad. We are, however, available in a dozen countries, with a leading presence in the United States, Italy and Japan.
Bitterness is the key characteristic of our beers: it is their foundation. We have produced bitter beers since the beginning of our existence – and we are here to brew bitter beers! Our approach was simple: we wanted to brew beers to our liking that we could no longer find on the market. We took on the challenge to bring this flavour – so fundamental in the evolution of human societies but sadly neglected in our modern societies – up to date.

Of course, our beers are not confined only to bitterness, they are always balanced with the aromatic contribution of malt, hops and fermentation.
We produce strong beers, but our great specialty is beers that are light in alcohol. As a typical example, the Taras Boulba (4.5%) is “the” beer for quenching your thirst. We want to show that there is not necessarily a need for alcohol to get flavour. Light beers further allow prolonging the pleasure – and therein lies the reason for the beer’s existence.

Quality and the desire to always do better is our obsession. We will never give in to the lure of profit. This is first concerning the quality of taste, with beers of character, without any concession to commercialism.

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