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(as translated from LoverBeer brochure)

We cherish knowledge and experimentation. We strive to make beers that are special, sometimes pushing “extreme” beers with perfectly-balanced flavors and aromas; beers that can surprise even the most curious palate.

We make beers inspired by and based in our careful research into the origins of the world’s most historic and authentic brewing styles.

The love of the land:
We use the finest locally-sourced ingredients‚ Äì Freisa grapes grown in the hills surrounding Turin, Barbera grapes from Alba, “Ramassin” (Damaschine) plums from Valley Bronda–grown only by world–class producers. We strive to partner with farmers integrating ancient methods with modern technologies while protecting the environment and very high quality
of their products.

We devote intense care and attention during the entire production process to ensure the highest quality results.

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