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Trial & Ale Brewing Company

Founded on a simple love for the complexity found in mixed fermentation beers, Trial & Ale embarked on a journey of relentless experimentation and discovery! Through voracious research, experimentation, and sensory training, Trial & Ale honed their craft, embracing diversity as the cornerstone of their brewing philosophy. Guided by three core principles—varying processes, meticulous documentation, and a steadfast commitment to sensory evaluation—Trial & Ale creates beers that defy convention and delight the palate.

Located in Edmonton, AB, Trial & Ale’s production brewery is dedicated exclusively to crafting mixed fermentation sour and wild beers. With every beer spending time on oak and undergoing a minimum four-stage fermentation process, Trial & Ale ensures each release embodies the tight, silky effervescence characteristic of their unique beer styles. As they continue to push the boundaries of their craft, Trial & Ale remains committed to the pursuit of the perfect beer.

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