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Aslan Brewing Co.

A casual conversation between friends over a pint at a local Bellingham pub unsurprisingly turned their dreams of operating a brewery into reality; not just any kind of brewery though! With a commitment to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and low-impact practices, Aslan Brewing aims to offer the community something new and refreshing, the sustainable way.

As for the name “ASLAN”: a lion is the King of the Jungle, a regal figure rooted in nature, and Aslan is the Turkish word for lion. This aligned with the desire to operate a world-class organic brewery all while showcasing raw and exotic elements found around the world. In the last few years Aslan has become a Certified B Corporation and expanded beer production to include a space for Barrel-Aging and Blending.

The future is very bright for Aslan and we look forward to sharing their beers with you!

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