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Black Project

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales is a brewery in Denver, Colorado that focuses on making beer using yeast and other microbes from our local environment. This often takes the form of a traditional, lambic-style coolship spontaneous fermentation, but we also use various other techniques including spontaneous solera, mixed wild cultures, and isolated wild yeast.

“We have been making beer using these methods since our first batches in late 2013, and since that time have been honored to receive a great number of awards and accolades from various competitions and journalists. However, we are most proud of the strong community of fans we have built over the years.

Today our mission is to continue to create, innovate, and educate the craft beer world about the possibilities that exist outside of the catalog of lab-cultured yeast, which is used to make 99%+ of beer available for sale around the world.

We are constantly striving to be advocates and torchbearers for the use of real wild yeast and bacteria in craft beer, as well as to push the boundaries and develop new styles of beer and techniques for the use of these microbes in all types of beer.”

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