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Bøgedal is Scandinavia’s only all-gravity brewery and is boiled over an open fire using local wood as fuel. Bøgedal’s brewing method is an attraction in itself, since the brew flows freely (all gravity), from vat to vessel, without pumping, creating different levels by use of hand-powered hoists and pulleys.

Bøgedal is the only commercial brewery in the world that maintains the Old Danish tradition of brewing Godtoel or “the good beer” which predates the industrial age. This traditional beer is strong and very rich with many of the natural sugars still intact.

By restricting the reliance on technology and without temperature control Bøgedal tends to allow the beer to live its own life and develop naturally. The brews are never identical, even when the same recipe is followed. As each brew is unique, they are identified by the batch number printed on each label along with specific details of production such as the type of beer and hops that are used.

The secret is simply a deep communion with the raw ingredients and Gitte Holmboe works constantly to improve and refine the recipes.

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