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Founded in 2014, Cellador Ales is among the few 100% oak barrel-fermented craft breweries in the United States. This is a tradition going back thousands of years, but which is rarely employed in the United States today. The use of oak helps lend a rustic complexity as well as provide brewers with the opportunity to blend flavors in new ways. To add to the complexity Cellador fully embraces the use of Brettanomyces to create a multitude of possible flavors and incorporate it in many of their beers. These wild and rustic ales often utilize freshly picked ripe fruit from local farmers added to the barrels the exact same day maximizing freshness and imparting peak flavor.

By sourcing high-quality local and organic ingredients and only ever replicating recipes that are nothing short of exceptional Cellador lends a new and noteworthy experience with each and every beer they create.

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